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The trek to Meselmi Village for Don and Jenny makes a difference.

Great news, we have made it!!!

Jenny and I are currently in Kathmandu having trekked up to Meselmi Village over the past week.

We were very fortunate to have good weather as it is not possible to get there during rainy periods. Very tough trekking over very steep and challenging terrain, but certainly worth every inch, foot and yard we hiked.

We opened the new school that our charity funded, gave each student a school jumper we had made and we managed to also give Solmate lights to our students.

I have attached a couple of photos ... and will send more upon my return to Oz. (No, I didn't bash my head. We were welcomed to the ceremony with sashes, flowers and red powder (lots!) on our foreheads ... local custom)


Together we are all making a difference to the lives of these impoverished children ... It is very worthwhile and so rewarding!

Special thanks to our supporters at Solmates, to our local NGO partner SAHAS – Nepal and of course The Rosie May Foundation.


Thanks and regards to all.

Don and Jenny Murray

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