• Yan Liu

Lianhua Primary School, Singapore

All it takes is one email to change lives...

It all started when Mr Willy Tan, Principal of Lianhua Primary School in Singapore responded to an invite from Solmates.

Mr Tan took a holistic approach to the Solmates concept and loved the idea of not only assisting energy poor children in developing countries but also using the program to build awareness of solar energy, energy poverty, geography and this student’s personal energy use. The school added their own elements to make it even more interactive.

The Lianhua Primary students were then offered the opportunity to volunteer as participators and the school ordered 50 Solmate lights and ran their comprehensive program in late 2017.

The Solmates were forwarded to our Sri Lankan NGO partners, The Rosie May Foundation who distributed them to needy children in villages in and around Batticaloa, Sri Lanka which had recently been devastated by floods.

Put simply; due the generosity of Lianhua Primary School and it's students, combined with the vision and leadership of Mr Tan, 50 Sri Lankan families now have Solmates to assist them with their study, reduce their exposure to kerosene fumes and to assist in decreasing their household expenditure on kerosene.


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