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Camberwell Grammar in Australia is now SolMates with Gashike Primary School in Rwanda...

Congratulations to Camberwell Grammar for joining the SolMates program.

The year 6 students at Camberwell Grammar in Melbourne, Australia have discovered how satisfying it is to help their less fortunate student peers in Gashike Primary School in Rwanda, Africa.

They set about, as part of their African studies to participate in the Solmates program and the result is that the Camberwell Grammar students have a far greater understanding of solar energy, energy poverty and the daily trials that their peers in poorer countries encounter every day.

Plus, their Rwanda SolMates can now study longer, save their family money on expensive kerosene and live a healthier lifestyle in their own homes. Everyone wins!

The power of Solmates is that it directly joins students from one school to another creating Solmates for Life which is pivotal to the program.

"I definitely recommend this to other schools; it is great for our kids to see where the lights go and to then be connected"
Mr Rob French, Head of Middle School; Camberwell Grammar School

It is so easy for your school to get on board. Ask us to tell you how.

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